Job Position:

Site Reliability Engineer

About this position

We are looking for talented and experienced Site Reliability Engineer, who wants to participate in our international expansion phase and be part of our highly skilled Operation team. This position will give you the opportunity to work in close contact with customers and collaborate with global leading tech companies; enabling the orchestration of their mission-critical services on their edge and multi-cloud environments. As such, the position offers different growth opportunities and great candidates require quick learning, decision making, critical thinking, and teamwork. We expect candidates to require minimal technical supervision, and to be able to consider the needs of our customers, as well as the rest of the teams.

In this role, we expect you to:

• Operate our on-prem and cloud infrastructure.
• Expand and maintain our recovery strategies and backup systems.
• Implement and enforce security protocols across teams.
• Build a monitoring system that alerts on symptoms rather than on outages.
• Participate in the design of new features related to adoption of new technologies and best SRE practices.
• Share your expertise to train staff on new technologies in our Friday’s Pizza Meetings.
• Maintain the internal wiki with technical documentation and IT policies.
• Provide support to the solution architects team on drafting high- and low-level designs.
• Test the limits and improve the resilience of our product using chaos engineering and scalability studies.

You are a good candidate for our team if you have:

• Strong communication skills in English and good level of Spanish.
• Solid experience with Linux and networking (routing, VLAN, NAT, DNS, VPNs, firewalls, SD-WAN, and more).
• Experience on provisioning, maintaining, and troubleshooting Kubernetes environments (OpenShift, EKS, RKE, and more).
• Familiarity with CI/CD pipeline tools like ArgoCD or similar.
• Aptitude for teamwork, debugging, troubleshooting, and fixing complex technical issues.

Valuable skills – that if you don’t have will probably develop with us:

• Experience in automation and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools like Ansible, Terraform, and Crossplane.
• Familiarity with Kubernetes Ingress, Cert-manager, external-DNS, and other popular controllers.
• Experience using Cisco Meraki and VMware products like vSphere.
• Experience installing and configuring Container Network Interface (CNI) plugins for Kubernetes likes Multus, SR-IOV, and others.
• Familiarity with observability projects like Prometheus, Thanos, Grafana, Jaeger, etc.
• Knowledge of 4G and 5G Network Architectures.
• Prior Go coding experience.

What we offer:

• Competitive salary in full time work contract.
• International team! You will work with people from all over the World, at our Barcelona headquarters; 🌍
• Hybrid work schedules; 💻🏠
• Opportunities to grow within a fast-paced, innovative company and real start-up experience;🥇
• Flexible schedule (40h/week);
• Fresh fruit, coffee & snacks every morning.

Interview Process:

• Please send us your update CV to with subject “DV001: Site Reliability Engineer / Mid-Senior SRE – Edge and Cloud”.
• Phone screening.
• Technical interview focusing on your experience and what you love working on (remote or onsite).
• Culture fit interview with the Hiring Manager (remote or onsite).

About Nearby Computing

Nearby Computing is a company headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, developing network orchestration systems with focus on the edge, on-prem platforms and multi-cloud environments. The company is becoming extremely successful and is now placed as one of the leading and most disruptive solutions in the market. Initially born as a spin-off from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, the company is now funded by key players of the telecom and IT sectors like Cellnex Telecom, Lenovo, or the Redeia Group (Red Eléctrica, Hispasat). Our company has acquired reference customers across the globe, and currently is kicking off large scale projects in Europe, North America, Middle East, and Asia.

Thanks to our cloud-native orchestration solution, IT/Telco service get access to a powerful single pane of glass to operate the compute infrastructure (on-prem or cloud-based), the network functions (user plane and/or control plane) and the application ecosystem through a powerful visual marketplace. Providers are enabled to bring Edge Computing services and 5G Private Networks to its customers in an extremely automated way, thus enabling the fast expansion of some of the most disruptive applications that will come along with 5G, such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things or the Connected Vehicle.

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